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Introducing the 100% vegan alternative made from nutrient-rich algae. Omega-3 that's great for your health and great for our planet.

Did you know?

Omega-3 can't be produced by our bodies? We can only get it from what we eat.
Most well-known benefits of Omega-3 come from a specific type called DHA. People used to get theirs from fish. However, cooking up lots of fish can be expensive and time-consuming, not to mention unsuitable for vegan or vegetarian diets.

100% Vegan Omega-3

No fish here. Our capsules are made from nutrient-rich algae instead and so are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

No Heavy Metals or Toxins

Toxins such as mercury are present in the ocean and can build up in fish. Because we don't use fish oil, our products are free from harmful heavy metals, contaminants and toxins.

Sustainably Produced

Our algae is grown sustainably so you can be sure that you're not contributing to environmental harm or overfishing.

Omega-3 Benefits

As one of nature's superfoods, Omega-3 provides a range of powerful benefits. Many people do not get enough, which can lead to problems.

Omega-3 is important for supporting your...

Omega-3 DHA is vital for brain health and development. By supporting your normal brain function it boosts your concentration and general mood. It can also help with symptoms of depression and age-related deterioration.

Omega-3 DHA is naturally concentrated in your retinas. It supports healthy eyes and vision and can also help with eye conditions such as dry eye and redness.

Omega-3 DHA supports the normal function of your heart and is important for blood circulation. It can also help to lower blood pressure, reduce blood clots and regulate the rhythm of your heart.

Omega-3 DHA can improve the health of your bones and joints. It promotes the reduction of joint inflammation and eases stiffness. It can combat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Omega-3 DHA can also help with keeping skin and hair healthy. It also contributes to a strong nervous system.

Quality Ingredients

Our capsules are made from nutrient-rich algae grown in purified water. Using a contamination-free environment, we ensure that it's free from any toxins. Guaranteed to be allergern free, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free. Our capsules are batch tested and manufactured to GMP, HACC and BRC Global Food Safety standards.

No Fishy Aftertaste

If you don't like fish or are allergic to it, then our algae-based supplement is the solution for you. Also great for those who dislike the strong smell and taste of fish oil. No more nasty smells, nausea or fishy burps!

Better For The Planet

Overfishing and damage to our marine ecosystems are large problems facing our world today. We can provide an environmentally-friendly alternative where the Omega-3 comes from sustainable sources. After all, fish get their Omega-3 from algae. So we're cutting out the "middle fish" and providing you the original source of the Omega-3 goodness!

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No Quibble Returns

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How It's Made

Our capsules use algae as the source of Omega-3 DHA. It's a natural, nutrient-rich ingredient that's grown in purified water. In fact, it's where fish get their Omega-3 from in the first place. We're cutting out the "middle fish" and packing our capsules with Omega-3 DHA straight from the original source.
Using plant-based algae instead of fish is also more sustainable. It's kinder to the environment and lessens the impact on our marine ecosystems damaged by industrial overfishing.

Free From Toxins

Our oceans unfortunately contain pollution from chemicals and pesticides. As you work your way up the food chain, they become more concentrated and more dangerous. This is why fish have been known to contain harmful amounts of toxins and heavy metals such as mercury.
With our algae-based capsule you'll avoid these hazards altogether meaning it's safe to take every day.

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So glad I found this!

I've cut out all meat and fish from my diet and was worried I was missing out on important nutrients. After doing some research online, I came across Healthy Yeti's Omega-3 capsules. Was pleased to see they were totally vegan. Now I'm saving money versus buying fish and taking it every day is an easy way to get all the Omega-3 I need.

Tasty Omega-3

I've tried fish oils in the past and was put off as I hated the taste. I gave these a go and have no trouble taking these little softgels. It's been a few weeks and I'm happy so there's no looking back now!

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