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1 month supply (60 capsules). FREE Shipping with tracking included.

This clever capsule gives you all the great health benefits of Omega-3, but without using any fish oil. Instead, it's made from algae grown in purified water. It's a natural, nutrient-rich way to nourish your body whilst being kind to the environment.

Made in the UK

Ingredients approved by the EU


100% Vegan friendly

No heavy metals

Gluten-free & sugar-free

GMO-free & lactose-free

Contains both DHA & EPA

Omega-3 Benefits

As one of nature's superfoods, Omega-3 provides a range of powerful benefits and is essential for our health. Our bodies cannot produce it, meaning it must be consumed as part of our diets. This means many people do not get enough, which can lead to problems.

Omega-3 is important for supporting your...

Omega-3 DHA is vital for brain health and development. It supports your normal brain function which is essential for feeling your best.

Omega-3 DHA is naturally concentrated in your retinas. Consumption of Omega-3 DHA supports the maintenance of healthy eyes and your normal vision.

Omega-3 DHA & EPA support the normal function of your heart and can also help to lower your blood pressure.

Omega-3 DHA can improve the health of your joints. It promotes the reduction of inflammation and eases stiffness and it has been known to combat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Made in the UK

Our capsules are proudly made in the UK. And as far as we know, we're the only British company whose algae oil has a Country of Origin of the UK as well.

We use algae as the source of Omega-3 DHA & EPA. It's a natural, nutrient-rich ingredient that's grown in purified water. In fact, it's where fish get their Omega-3 from in the first place. We're cutting out the "middle fish" and packing our capsules with Omega-3 straight from the original source.
Using plant-based algae instead of fish is also more sustainable. It's kinder to the environment and lessens the impact on our marine ecosystems damaged by industrial overfishing.

Free From Toxins

Our oceans unfortunately contain pollution from chemicals and pesticides. As you work your way up the food chain, they become more concentrated and more dangerous. This is why fish have been known to contain harmful amounts of toxins and heavy metals such as mercury.
With our algae-based capsule you'll avoid these hazards altogether meaning it's safe to take every day.

No Fishy Aftertaste

Many people dislike the strong taste and unpleasant smell that comes with fish oil. Luckily, there are no issues here. Enjoy the best of both worlds with great health benefits but no nasty aftertaste or fishy burps!

Protecting UK Coastlines

1% of each purchase goes to preserving the UK's marine ecosystems. The money helps restore native oyster reefs along the coast to ensure a healthy ecosystem of oysters, algae and clean water. We work with a grassroots charity so you know your money is supporting those on the frontlines of preservation efforts.

EU-Approved Ingredients

Our ingredients are scientifically proven to work by the European Food Safety Authority.

Made in an ISO-9001 Grade Facility

This internationally recognised gold standard for quality ensures you get the very best products.

100% Vegan

No fish or animal material here. Our easy-to-swallow softgels are vegan-friendly.


Got questions? We've got answers.

The general guideline is for healthy adults to be consuming 250mg-500mg per day. Our capsules were designed for adults to take 1-2 daily, matching that range by providing 250-500mg.
Children can also take it and you can lower the dose to 250mg by giving them one per day.
If you need to lower the dose further, you can pierce the capsule and consume the exact amount you wish. You can mix it in with drinks or food.

Our algae is grown in purified water which ensures that it is free from toxins found in the ocean such as pesticides, mercury and other heavy metals.

No, our algae is not genetically modified and production adheres to regulations of non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) practices.

The starch is used for the coating of the softgel to prevent any moisture getting in and spoiling it. In the past, gelatin was used for this. But gelatin comes from the bones, tendons and ligaments of animals. So this is definitely unsuitable for vegetarian/vegan diets and also raises moral question marks for people.

'Modified' starch simply means that something has been done to the raw starch to make it more appropriate for its purpose. Even something as simple as roasting it technically makes it modified.
It's a legal requirement to declare it is 'modified'. However, despite the similar wording it does not mean genetically modified in any way.

We have carefully designed our packaging with sustainability at its heart. We use lightweight pouches which greatly reduces the use of plastics and energy during transportation. Plus, we now have a reusable travel tin to store your capsules in. This can be washed and reused continuously which combats single-use packaging.

We use a tiny amount of Carrageenan as part of the capsule. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supports it as a safe ingredient. And the World Health Organisation (WHO) even recognises Carrageenan as being safe for infant formula. Ours is derived from red seaweed and is 100% plant-based.

Customer Reviews

Based on 338 reviews
Dawn Jenkins (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
Omega-3 Algae capsules

From ordering to receiving the Omega 3 Algae capsules for really straightforward and they arrived quickly. Ordered the tin as well, which I love. Not sure I've noticed any benefits as of yet but I'm really hopeful. These are suitable for vegans or anyone who's looking alternatives to the usual Omega 3 supplements.

Bumblelion (Hastings, United Kingdom)
Beautiful capsules!

These arrived promptly and I have just started taking these little gems of goodness. They make me feel happy that I am giving my body the goodness it needs. They are suitable for vegans so that’s a bonus!

Massimo (Islington, United Kingdom)
Great product and service

Prompt delivery, quality ingredients, I really recommend it.

Helen Scott (Morpeth, United Kingdom)

Great service, and no after taste :)

Suzy Rowe (London, United Kingdom)
Definitely seeing a change

My partners knees have been playing up for awhile now and we're obviously not taking something. I've been vegan 5 years and he 3 yeara. He said his knees have 80% improved since he been taking two per day. We've tried loads of other vegan omega 3 In the past but this he felt difference. Well done thanks a lot.

Frances Southwell (Stevenage, United Kingdom)

I can not fault the customer service. Simple ordering and prompt delivery.
Easy to swallow capsules. I have taken up the subscription offer.

Hannah Phillips (Newham, United Kingdom)
Excellent product

I bought this to help with my joints. Finding a vegan alternative that was good quality was brilliant.

Schweta Matharu (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
My vegan omega 3s

Me and my family are vegetarians so we don’t eat eggs ,meat or fish .
We have tried lots of different vegan omega 3s on the market , but they just didn’t do anything for us and most of them didn’t have the Algae in them . Then When we started to take the healthy yeti vegan omega 3s I found over time within 4 weeks , my skin and overall health was good much better then before . I suffer with eczema and dry skin . I found they have helped with healing process of my skin along side with a good diet and lifestyle changes. I would definitely recommend the vegan omega 3s , as my whole family see and feels the benefits. Love how you can get that little extra discount when you get them on subscription so you don’t have to worry about running out .

Primla Monaghan (Nuneaton, United Kingdom)
Omega-3 capsules

Really easy to take & digestas no fishy after taste & I like the repeat order or I would forget to reorder but I've not been taking them long enough to know if they're supporting my vision heart & brain but I've noticed an improvement with my skin & my joints

Mike Condon (Southwark, United Kingdom)
Healthy footprint

I did a lot of research before choosing to order Omega-3 Algae Capsules from Healthy Yeti because I did not want to exploit fish stocks further for the benefit of my own health. I really like your ethics and the fact that you source all your ingredients in the UK and make your products to exacting standards. You are an inspiring family business! (Nice eye-catching website too that's easy to navigate.)