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Omega-3 Algae capsules

From ordering to receiving the Omega 3 Algae capsules for really straightforward and they arrived quickly. Ordered the tin as well, which I love. Not sure I've noticed any benefits as of yet but I'm really hopeful. These are suitable for vegans or anyone who's looking alternatives to the usual Omega 3 supplements.

Anna Wilkinson
Better Sleep

I am finding these tablets very helpful so thank you. To begin with I fell asleep quite quickly but now I am getting used to them, its taking me longer. But my nights are still better than they were.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Christina Jones
Healthy Yeti

I’m on my 2nd pack! Can recommend these supplements

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Helen Applewhite
Healthy yeti

Tiny pearls of joint lubrication

Good service

Good service from company. Haven’t noticed any benefits as yet but it’s early days. Like the new packaging as it minimises waste

Knees of steel!!

For a long time I’d been getting aching in my knees, especially after a long day at work. Sometimes I was even getting pain walking upstairs. I’m only in my early 40’s but had stopped running due the discomfort. I’d assumed it was due to road running and was devastated to have to give up a life long passion.

I’m vegetarian and don’t eat fish, so wondered if I might be lacking omegas.
I’d previously taken flaxseed oil but didn’t notice any benefits. I’ve since read this form of omega isn’t processed by the body in the same way as omegas from algae, so I tried Heathy Yeti as I thought I’d nothing to loose. I genuinely wasn’t prepared for how transformative they would be. After taking Healthy Yeti omega capsules, all my pain has completely gone and I now have my old knees back!!!

I’d only used them for about a months before I felt the full effect. They’ve had such a positive impact, not just my physical but also my mental well-being and I’ve definitely noticed my mood is lifted through the winter months which I often find tough. I NEVER, EVER write reviews but this is the BEST product I’ve bought in years, honestly it’s amazing stuff and with the multiple order discount is much more affordable than many other options.

The fact they’re made in the UK and the ingredients are approved by the European food agency, also gives me peace of mind regarding quality. I get knees of steel without impacting the overfishing of our oceans, so I’m one incredibly happy customer!


Very happy with the algae capsules. No smell and easy to Swallow. Will keep ordering. Thank you.

Travel Tin
Amy Lenik
Travel Tin

Tin very useful not just for my Yeti Omega softgel tabs but also my other vitamins too. Handy storage while away. I've taken all my different pots of vitamins before which take up space. So it was very handy to put them all in one tidy tin.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Claire McBeath

Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Omega 3

I received my order quickly and although l can't feel any difference, l know they are doing me good, helping brain function, vision and heart and I'm sure lots more besides. Great its100% plant based and made from nutrient rich algae. I'm very happy with my purchase,
60 capsules filled with goodness and made in the uk. I would definately recommend to friends and family.

Five stars

I have started about four month ago and I am very happy with that my daughter in law started me this

Travel Tin
Dion Haggett
Healthy Yeti - Service & Products


Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Lorraine Drohan
Omega-3 Algae Capsules Review

I started to take the Omega-3 the moment I got them. Since then,
After the first 3 days I felt my mind was more relaxed and since then I have been getting more clarity which is helping me with so many aspects of my life. I know this may not be the case for everyone and I do take them with the intention they are food for my brain and mind.

I love the size and shape of the capsules as they are easy to swallow and there is no odour. The packaging too is clean and easy to reseal to keep the contents fresh.
Delivery was quick and on time. As the package was small it fitted through my letterbox. Overall I have nothing negative to report.

Enjoy great Health to everyone who reads this.
Infinite Angel Blessings

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Philippa Ward
Good so far

Can’t tell if it’s making a difference yet but omega 3 is meant to be good so giving it a try and I like that the little packet seals so easily (it’s a little thing but appreciated)

omega 3 algae capsules

Haven't noticed any effect from these, beneficial or otherwise. I usually give things a month

Same Again

2nd amount arrived as promised in secure pack. What more can I say?

Very good!

Bought as a gift. Recipient was pleasantly suprised & very happy with the flavour.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Dawn Bellenger
Omega 3 Algae Capsules have helped with my dry skin

I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years and since getting older have suffered with dry patches on parts of my face, spending a small fortune on various creams with no luck. After reading reports regarding the omega capsules I decided to take one last chance and try something different. I was happy to find these capsules were vegan as was not happy to take fish oils. After a week or so my skin is not so dry and flaky so I am hoping that things will continue to improve whilst using the omega capsules. I may be in my 60's but still care about my health and appearance. Thank you to Healthy Yeti. Regards Dawn

Omega-3 Algae capsules

My second pack of capsules arrived as planned from when I set up an on-going order. Liking the opportunity to have this set up. I chose these capsules after reading several write ups about different Omega 3 capsules and Healthy Yeti ones seemed to be the best option. Certainly happy with the product and service. Thank You.

Mushroom Coffee
Hannah Wallace
I don’t drink normal coffee anymore.

The mushroom coffee has been a game changer. I don’t think I’d fully realised how on edge normal coffee was making me. This is so difference. It doesn’t shock your body into waking up. More like a slow burn and really relaxed focus. I can drink it though the day without any anxiety or bad sleep at night.

Omega3 algea capsules

After three months these capsules seem to be giving a good deal of relief for a painful knee. I'm not a fan of subscription deals, but this one seems to have been a good choice.

Making a real difference!

Really noticing a difference in my hair and nails since taking the capsules. Hair feels thicker and is shinier and my normally brittle nails are longer and stronger that they have been for years.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Very happy!

Omega 3 algae capsules

Great. Easy to take and swallow. So glad I purchased this and it is vegan. This is my first month trying this out. Thank you for making this available.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Ms L M Marwood
Vegan omega 3 algae capsules

Sustainable, vegan and excellent quality.