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Anna Wilkinson
Better Sleep

I am finding these tablets very helpful so thank you. To begin with I fell asleep quite quickly but now I am getting used to them, its taking me longer. But my nights are still better than they were.

Looking for vegan source of Omega

Nice packaging. Good overall service. Been taking a few days so cannt comment on results as yet. Would buy again.

No fishy taste!

I love these omega three capsules as they are the first ones I have tried with no nasty taste. Previous algae based omega threes I have tried have had a fishy taste.
I will be sticking with Healthy Yeti 😊

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Mary Silvestri
Omega 3

Can’t say a lot , only been taking them for 17 day , but my skin looks very clear , has a glow to it

Travel Tin
Alison Hill
Travel Tim

Great idea, much easier to store and I can take them away now!

Omega 3 algae

These are great. Very easy to swallow, no residual taste, and a reasonable price. I've taken out a subscription so I don't forget to renew. Great product.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Annemieke Hall

Loved the tin, the omega 3 seems impressive

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Stephanie Orr
Love these!

So far I’m really pleased with these, I’m sleeping better and have more energy.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
katie humphries
Surprisingly good

Really pleased I found this company through an online search. Super website, really good products and fast delivery. Looking forward to continuing to support this plant supporting company

Great little yellow pills

I’ve been using for a few months now and my hair is looking luscious! 💇‍♂️

Gift of health

Bought vegan Omega 3 for someone recovering from shingles and with a pre-existing condition of the immune system. Impressed by the credentials of the product, as the person concerned is a wholly committed vegan. The product arrived quickly and was immediately pressed into use.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Omega Realness

I'm really happy with this product and the way it arrived. It arrived in good condition packaged well. And I ordered a satin supply so I received three little pouches. There isn't any terrible taste and overall seem like really high quality product. Obviously I'm yet to see or feel the benefits as it's something that works inside to out. But it was a speedy easy process and delivery and really happy to find a vegan products that I can trust

Mushroom Coffee
Katrina Staunton

Tastes great and is an easy way to remember to have food supplements

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Customer Anthony simpson
Omega capsules

I am absolutely thrilled that I can take this supplement, I am vegetarian and I do not eat fish, so to have this as a vegan option is awesome, I have set up a regular delivery, thank you xx

Great service

Good service and products.

Healthy Yeti - Products and service

Prompt service with quality product.

I pop one every day!

So easy to take and swallow. No aftertaste. This is a great product and I’d highly recommend it. The convenience of having it delivered through the post is good too.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Constance Lenton
Omega 3 oil

Excellent product, great service & super price.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Jamie McDougall
Excellent product

I have been taking these capsules for a few weeks now and really like them. They are packaged nicely and really easy to swallow with no horrible aftertaste. I already feel more energetic and will definitely continue to take them!

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Helen Bradley
Impressive little capsules

Easy to swallow vegan omega-3's, we are currently trialling these as a family. Was pleased to find these ethical omegas with high ratio of DHA. No after taste, kinder to the environment and no cruelty to fish involved = happy vegan customers so far! :D

Mushroom Coffee
Ann Ewart

Absolutely brilliant, cannot really tell a difference and it's got to be better for you…..I'm a return buyer and again and again

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Rositsa 35 y.o.

Not sure whether the Healthy Yeti Omega 3 capsules alone, or them with combination with some other supplements I began taking, I feel more energetic, less sleepy and the pain from my arthritis is much bearable than before. I began noticing the effects within a week from taking Healthi Yeti. Will definitely purchase again.

Travel Tin
Allison Hipkin
Ideal Little Tin

Ordered the travel tin as I’m often on the move somewhere. It’s an ideal size but carries more than you’d imagine. Really handy to have.

requested review….

The website and ordering was easy and receipt of the product was swift.
It may be too early to review the capsules’ effect, but can say they are easy to swallow and have found no side effects (upset tummy etc) since I’ve started taking them….

Travel Tin
Michelle Groves
Easy to swallow

Tasteless which is great 😊 I can feel a difference with my hair , I haven’t been using them long either 😊