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Anna Wilkinson
Better Sleep

I am finding these tablets very helpful so thank you. To begin with I fell asleep quite quickly but now I am getting used to them, its taking me longer. But my nights are still better than they were.

Hoping this is the solution

Looking for an alternative source of Omega 3 to the dreaded fish oil - just started taking it so too early to comment on effect but very much hoping this will be the answer

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
callum vellacott
Better all round

The exploitation of our oceans and the animals that live in them is a terrifying disaster, this product offers a truly brilliant alternative to fish oil. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you. Healthy Yeti.

Mushroom Coffee
Chantal Cumming
So Worthy

I was skeptic at first but tried the sample pack and then ordered more once that finished. I really enjoy the taste of it and I’ve found that I’m actually sleeping better too. I’ve less headaches than I had previously and find I’m more energised in the day with a clearer head and more focus. I prefer it to normal coffee and I’m pretty certain I’m experiencing the health benefits as listed above as a result of this small change in my coffee, certainly with my better sleep patterns.

Fantastic natural sleeping aid

It really does work for me! I used to get annoying spells of waking up at 3-4am and not being able to get back to sleep for hour or so, then waking up to 6.30 alarm broken and tired. With Sleep and Rest pills I have deep refreshing sleep and wake up feeling energised

Excellent customer care

I'm very happy with the product I ordered and impressed with excellent customer care when I had a query. Communication was prompt, thorough and totally customer focused. Thank you.

The best

A very good natural product.

So far so good.

No adverse effects from vegan omega 3. Bit early to find full effect of 2 tablets per day. Prompt service.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Gwraig o Fôn
Oh ma gahd!

Excellent product with sustainable packaging, too. I've chosen to reorder and have recommended to friends and family.


very convenient

Excellent service

Excellent service - vegan omega 3 capsules


Very good product fast and efficient service.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
May Baxter-Thornton

Capsules are easy to take 👍

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Daniel Rushen
Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Excellent product for a vegan

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Felicity Fincham
Good value and quality source of vegan omega 3

Product and service excellent. Thank you

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Andy Bebbington

Seems like a quality product at a very reasonable price. Also ingredients sourced in the UK. What’s not to like? All the best Andy

Omegs 3 Algae Capsules

Been using these for quite a while the capsules r very easy to take no fish taste of them quite happy with them

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Jill Scott Taylor
Omega 3

Very impressed with these vegan capsules and the service I received. Will definitely be ordering again

Your product has completely changed my life.

Your Omega 3 capsules have comedy changed my life. I have more mobility in my joints and I have noticed a marked difference in brain function. I do not forget things anymore and I can remember past events and win a lot of quizes. Thank you so much.

Travel Tin
Joanna Philpot
Travel tin

Perfect size for all my pills and capsules for a week away, very pleased

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Caroline Richardson
Omega-Algae 3 Capsules

Excellent and I like the new package which is much more environmentally friendly.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
HEnriette Howarth
Great fish free product.

Great product. It's really important for us a family of vegetarians, not to have supplements that contain fish. The customer care was brilliant- very kind and helpful and they give really good information.

Excellent customer service

Best customer service I have received so far. I bought omega 3 capsules for my girls and myself. Hoping to see its benefits soon.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Joanna Philpot
Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Delighted with service and capsules

Omega-3 Algae Capsules
Pauline Adams
Omega 3

Convenient delivery. Cost on the higher side if you take 2 tablets. Easy to take as shells very soft.