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Great product very happy

I ordered the Vegan Omega-3 capsules when I saw them on facebook. It was always hard for me to find a vegan alternative for Omega-3 as it is mostly sourced from fish.

It arrived very quickly almost next day.

Sleep aid

I have only just received this product therefore too soon to assess its effectiveness as have only had one dose -

Does what it says

My Order arrived quickly. I've had sleeping problems for a while and these are really helping and seeing a big improvement. Customer service was good and quick to answer my quesitons so would recommend Healthy Yeti to others

It's working for me

having two of these before bed has really helped me get to sleep at night. slept the whole night through last night which is hte first time in ages that ive done so. this is now part of my bed time routine

Loveee it

I am a light sleep so have struggled for as long as I can remember, especially as my partner moves around alot. These are helping me a lot and find it alot easier to get back to sleep if am woken up

Great works as described

First off should say that this ISNT a magic potion. Its not a miracle pill here that will change it in an instant. But I've been using it each night before bed and it does what it says on the tin. I'm sleeping better and not waking up as much which is what I wanted so I'm happy

Sleep + Rest... its been a lifechanger

I went with Sleep+Rest because I wanted something that was natural and specific for sleep problems. Wasn't sure initially but gave it a shot. Glad I did! I noticed some small improvements after week, but since my sleep has gotten much better. Genuinely lifchanging as I've got more life and energy now, feeling like my real self again. Going to stick with it and definitely would recommend. Thanks!

Omega capsules

I'm loving my omega capsules and feel they ate benefitting me immensely, so much so I'm about to order some more 🙂

Mental clarity

Since taking the omega 3 capsules, I have felt more focused and less anxious. I think my skin has also improved.

All good

Ok, not been taking it for long so cannot really comment on efficacy. Doesn’t give me heartburn so good on that front

5 star

Arrived promptly.

Product arrived quickly and happy with your service.

Omega-3 Algae Capsules

I just started, easy to use no stomach trouble

Deliveri came on time definitely I will order again

Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Speedy delivery, no after taste and started to feel the benefits within a week. Great product and highly recommended 👍🏻

Great choice

I will definitely buy again

Omega algae

Feeling great on these as I had no energy whatsoever as I suffer from psoriatic arthritis soo five stars for this product.

Omega 3 capsules

Nice size

Very good

Very nice product thank you

Vegan friendly Omega 3

Being a vegetarian, have always worried about Omega 3, especially as I don't eat fish. Now that I have found out via Healthy Yeti that the Omega 3 doesn't actually come from fish, and that I can get a vegetarian/vegan friendly supply, I am delighted. Haven't been on them long enough yet to see a difference, but am going to carry on with them forever.

Cracking service Ilan awesome product

I think it’s (O)Mega!

Sleeping better!

Great supplement

Love the quality of the supplement and that it’s vegan. Great results too so would definitely buy again!

Omega-3 Algae Capsules

Omega 3 Algae

Was so pleased to find a plant based Omega 3 capsule. I have been taking them for the first time for a couple of weeks and I’m starting to feel the benefits. Definitely will continue taking them. Thank you Healthy Yeti 😊