Mushroom Coffee
With Lion's Mane


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36 servings. 58p per cup. FREE Shipping with tracking included.

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This rich, smooth, and satisfying alternative to coffee contains less caffeine while giving you the fuel you need to succeed. Made with Lion’s Mane mushroom extract and L-theanine, this full-bodied brew provides a stable, sustainable boost to energy and cognitive function. Say goodbye to coffee jitters or digestive problems. It’s time to live well.

500mg of Lion's Mane per serving

Colombian Arabica coffee beans

100% vegan

Recyclable packaging

Easy to prepare

No special equipment needed

From just 52p per serving

Delicious coffee taste

Mushroom Coffee Health Benefits

Our rich mushroom blend provides a healthy alternative to traditional coffee. Not only does it tingle the taste buds, but our carefully selected natural ingredients work together to provide a sustainable boost to brain & body function free from the negative health effects of caffeine. This is your secret weapon for a cool, calm, productive day.

Discover our three super ingredients...

Lion’s Mane mushroom promotes brain as well as nerve health while boosting cognitive function and improving focus from morning until night. We include 500mg of high quality Lion's Mane per serving.

A compound that occurs naturally in green tea, we add L-theanine to our Mushroom Coffee to aid concentration while slowly releasing energy. The complimentary combo of L-theanine and coffee will fuel your brain and body with the energy you need to succeed but without the usual jitters.

Our blend contains a dash of quality Colombian coffee beans for a rich, smooth taste and a pleasing aroma. Our coffee also contains antioxidants which help neutralise harmful free radicals in your body. Each cup is only around half the caffeine content of a traditional coffee.

Quality ingredients

Many ‘healthy’ coffee alternatives claim to use pure ingredients, but more often than not, it’s not true. Many use a strange process of growing little mushroom spores on pieces of grain, such as rice. This is very cheap but it’s low quality because, well, it’s mostly just rice! So it offers little or no health benefits.

But not our Mushroom Coffee. We use the ‘fruiting body’ for our mushroom extracts. These are mushrooms as you’d imagine them. While they are more expensive, they are packed with the full health benefits.

Our special blend is made with pure active ingredients that fuel the brain and body the right way. No junk. No fillers. Only the finest energy-boosting ingredients will do for our brew.

Step 1

Add a teaspoon to your favourite cup.

Step 2

Pour in hot water and stir until smooth.

Step 3

Top with a little plant-based milk or sweetener (if you wish). It's that simple!

Made in the UK

Unlike others, we're proud to say that our Mushroom Coffee is made right here in the UK. It means you can be sure it's made to the highest safety and quality standards.

Planet-friendly packaging

We all want to make sustainable choices, but doing so can be tricky and inconvenient. Rather than disposing of endless single-use sachets, we've created a reusable metal tin and lightweight pouch refills. Our packaging is compact, convenient, and planet-friendly.

Protecting Endangered Animals

Every time you buy a pouch of our Mushroom Coffee, 1% will go towards protecting endangered species through the power of coffee.

By working with 500 farmers in Bwindi, Uganda we buy their coffee at a premium price and help to distribute it. The farmers have pledged to protect endangered mountain gorillas and their habitats with sustainable coffee farming techniques. So by drinking our Mushroom Coffee, you’re doing your bit for the planet. It’s a win-win.

Better Value for Money

Our lightweight pouch refills are also incredibly cost-effective. In fact, our product works out less than half the price per serving than other brands on the market. We're proud to provide better value for money without compromising on quality.

Free From Allergens, 100% Vegan

Made with raw, pure ingredients, our Mushroom Coffee is free from unwanted nasties that could harm your health or wellbeing. It’s also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Satisfying Coffee Taste

Yes, it tastes like coffee, not mushrooms! A smooth, healthy, satisfying brew so you can feel your best, every day.


Got questions? We've got answers.

This is indeed a frequently asked question. The answer is simply "no"! While certain mushrooms are associated with hallucinating, they aren't present at all in our formulation. Quite the opposite, our blend is designed to give you a boost in cognition and concentration! Furthermore, our Lion's Mane mushroom extract is fully compliant with both UK and EU legislation.

Generally speaking, you can substitute the number of traditional cups of coffee you have for our Mushroom Coffee. So if you usually have 3 cups a day, you can have 3 cups of Mushroom Coffee.

Many people settle into a routine of one cup to get their day started, and a second cup after lunch.

We've put a lot of effort into this and have placed sustainability at the heart of our packaging development. As such, the metal tin is designed to be reused and you can simply order more coffee in our lightweight pouch refills.

We offer a FREE tracked standard shipping services to all UK addresses. Even faster delivery is available for a surcharge.

It's important to prevent moisture in the air from getting into your Mushroom Coffee. It's naturally designed to react sensitively to water to mix well into a smooth drink. Unfortunately, this sensitivity also means that if moisture gets into your Mushroom Coffee, then it will start to react and clump together.

This won't be a problem if you drink it regularly. But if you intend to open it and then leave it for long periods, then we'd recommend keeping it in a cupboard. Always ensure that the pouch zipper is firmly sealed and ideally use the metal tin to provide the best protection against moisture.

Our Mushroom Coffee blend is dairy-free, gluten-free, 100% vegan and does not contain artificial fillers or sweeteners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Alison Cross (Brent, United Kingdom)
Yummy Shrooms

Tastes delicious and the effect lasts longer than a boring cup of coffee!


Love it! Can’t live without it now and prefer it over my coffee.

My daughter is awakened!

My daughter has ADHD and autism, and she got a very late diagnosis (at age 17).
She tried adhd medication but she said it made her feel "flat". A friend recommended your mushroom coffee, and she gave it a try. Now it's part of her daily routine. She says it feels like it's lifted some of the brain fog and confusion in the mornings and it helps her to plan her day full of creativity and confidence.

Thank you :)

Antonio Rossi (Plymouth, United Kingdom)

Been drinking every morning, really sets my day up, and makes me feel sharp, and on point.

Customer (Enfield, United Kingdom)
Join the Yeti Revolution!!

Brilliant product, the high feeling from caffeine without the crash - The feeling of being connected to the Universe from a single cup, I cannot praise this brew enough - simply amazing!!

Stacey Alba (Great Barr, United Kingdom)
So easy, and delicious

To switch to Healthy Yeti every morning rather than drink my usual coffee was so easy. It’s delicious and I can’t tell that I’m drinking anything other than coffee. Highly recommend!

Margaret madden (Belfast, United Kingdom)
Loved it

Tastes just like coffee ☕️ and I found it had a very uplifting energy with it I drink 2 cups a day

Grant Peters (Witham, United Kingdom)
Healthy Yeti Mushroom Coffee

Lovely soft flavour, perfect for calming with great flavour ****

Tracy Wright (Tower Hamlets, United Kingdom)
Eventually gave it a go

Really nice taste, surprised how good it actually is. Shared with family who will now order as well

Lisa Phillipps
Tried it on a whim

I bought this on a whim and am very impressed. I genuinely feel my concentration and focus has improved. Coffee tastes great too!