Sustainability Causes

Each product purchased helps to support a grassroots organisation working on the front lines of sustainable causes. These are real people making a real impact across our planet.

Protecting Endangered Mountain Gorillas

We support an organisation that uses the power of coffee to protect at-risk species. They work with 500 farmers in Bwindi, Uganda, and buy their coffee at a premium price plus help to distribute it. In return, the farmers have pledged to protect endangered mountain gorillas and their habitats with sustainable coffee farming techniques.

Planting 5 Million Trees

We support efforts to fight deforestation in Kenya. The money is used to help plant millions of trees to rebuild our planet's lungs. Also, it funds the education of communities about caring for the environment to ensure a brighter future.

Saving The Bees

We support a grassroots charity that's training Kenyan beekeepers in sustainable honey production practices. Northern Kenya is one of the last places on the planet where honey bees are still thriving.

Preserving UK Coastlines

We support an organisation that strives to preserve the UK's marine ecosystems. The money helps restore native oyster reefs along the coast to ensure a healthy ecosystem of oysters, algae and clean water.