Is Bad Sleep Impacting You?

We've all had a bad night's sleep. But did you know that 25% of the UK population suffers from sleep loss? (Maybe you're one of them too).

It's constantly waking up with that heavy drowsiness. Tired muscles and joints. Dull headache and a fog over your head that lingers throughout the day. Do these sound familiar?

Why Sleep Matters

Over time, bad sleep can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing. Common issues include:

- irritability
- fatigue and low energy
- poor concentration
- low mood and anxiety

Not only are these unpleasant for you, but the impact spills over into other areas of your life such as work and family. Many people find it hard to perform at their best at work. And relationships with family and friends can become strained.

When Was The Last Time You Slept Well?

Think back to when you had a truly wonderful night's sleep. For most of us, it's a memory from a relaxing holiday we once had.

You woke up feeling energised and alert. That uplifting feeling kept you in high spirits all day. Your happy mood meant you were calmer. Others around you noticed too, and good things (that usually only happen rarely) seemed to flow almost effortlessly. Anxieties faded away, replaced by positive feelings and thoughts.

What if every day could be more like that? That's the power of good sleep.

The Forgotten Ingredient For Better Sleep

When it comes to sleep, there's the advice that we've all heard. Do some daily exercise, get a comfortable bed, avoid your phone before sleep.

But one of the biggest factors is what you choose to put into your body - your diet. We all know what not to have. Afternoon caffeine keeps you up. And too much alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. But what about what you should be having?
Do you know what foods improve your sleep?

We've Done The Hard Work For You

We set out to answer that very question. Our research led us to a number of little-known foods and nutrients that all benefit your sleep in different yet effective ways.

But who has the time and money to get them all separately?

As a solution, we took ten of the best sleep ingredients and made them into a clever capsule that you simply take before bed.
It's the easiest, most cost-effective way to get the benefit of all ten powerful ingredients into your daily routine.