Mushroom Coffee Will Transform Your Day

Meet the trendsetting new brew made from energy-boosting mushrooms. Made with natural ingredients and less caffeine, our Mushroom Coffee will keep you focused throughout the day.

No spikes.
No crashes.
No adverse effects.
Just natural, energy-boosting goodness.

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Did you know?

Coffee is addictive and it knocks us off balance. Why? Because caffeine is a drug.

Too much caffeine will cause crashes that sap energy when you need it most. Most caffeine addicts keep on drinking cup after cup just to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It’s a vicious cycle. As a result, many people also suffer problems with their sleep, gut health, mood and skin.

The caffeine content of traditional coffee often gets in the way of a clean, clear, productive day. But there is a better way...

Less Caffeine, More energy.

Mushroom Coffee is a surprising yet healthy alternative.
It’s lower caffeine content means it’s good for our sleep, gut health, mood and skin.
But it also contains a superfood mushroom called Lion’s Mane. This provides the boost in cognition and energy you need - but without the downsides.

Don’t let the usual jitters and afternoon crashes derail you. Mushroom Coffee is your secret weapon for feeling productive, energised and balanced all day. It’s the smarter fuel you need so you can succeed each day with what’s important to you.

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100% plant based and cruelty-free.

100% Vegan

You won’t find any nasty additives or animal products. Our cruelty-free Mushroom Coffee is made from the best energy-boosting ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Free From Allergens

Unlike some processed products or caffeine alternatives, our natural Mushroom Coffee is free from gluten, dairy, soy and lactose.


Our blend is made from 100% pure ingredients including the mighty Lion’s Mane mushroom. No GMO. No side effects. Just brain-powering goodness.

Great Coffee Taste

Our blend is rich, satisfying and delicious. In fact, it tastes like a flavoursome premium coffee - not mushrooms!.
Now you can enjoy the health-enhancing qualities of adaptogen mushrooms without compromising on a single drop of flavour. You can have it all.

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All the health benefits, satifsying taste.

Quality Ingredients

Crafted with Colombian Arabica beans & the premium 'fruiting body' Lion's Mane extract, our blend is free from processed nasties. Every cup is packed with pure, active, energy-enhancing goodness. And it's made in the UK to ensure it's produced to the highest possible standards.

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Made in the UK with quality ingredients.

Easy To Make

If you have a kettle and a teaspoon, then you're all set.
Simply add a spoonful to your cup, pour in hot water, stir and top with your favourite plant milk or sweetener.

No gimmicks. No expensive equipment. No complicated instructions. Just a cup of pure goodness ready in one minute.

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No extra equipment needed.

Better Value, Less Packaging

Most other brands stuff their coffee into individual sachets, but not us. Our eco-friendly cardboard tubes are neat, convenient, and pop straight into the recycling bin.

Our smart packaging also means we can offer our Mushroom Coffee at a much better price for you.
Others charge £1.20 or even £1.50 per sachet.
Whereas ours costs just 57p per serving.

So by drinking our coffee you’ll be doing your bit for the planet while also saving money. Clean, green and a win-win for everyone!

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Half price or less compared to single-serve sachets

Hear from Real Customers

Here’s what people are saying after trying their Mushroom Coffee

Just wow!

This stuff is great, I've been really focused without the jitters. If you're like me and sensitive to too much coffee this might be for you as well.

My new morning routine

I can't drink coffee because it messes with my stomach and gives me a migraine. This doesn't give me indigestion like normal coffee and has a wonderful earthy flavour.

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