Tired of low energy,
stress & bad sleep?

We were too.
That's why we figured out a solution.

Our Struggles

Modern living had us feeling burned out. Our routine meant we'd consume processed foods from the supermarket, too much caffiene, eating out and takeaways.

Despite wanting to make a change, it was time-consuming and confusing wading through online blogs and videos trying to figure out what was the best way to get started.

After several attepmts We were getting frustrated with putting in the time, energy and expense but not seeing results that would stick.

We Discovered Superfoods

We finally found an approach that worked. For us, it was the idea of replacement.

Most other options out there involved cutting back on the things you love and using sheer willpower to stick to it.
You may have already discovered that this rarely works.

Replacement involves swapping things you love (but are bad for you) for alternatives that still hit the spot and also contain ingredients that actually boost your health.

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100% plant based and cruelty-free.

Why Replacement Works

Replacement worked for us for two main reasons.

1. It didn't rely on willpower
By swapping items for healthy alternatives that tasted great, we didn't get cravings and were able to stick to the change for the long-term with ease.

2. It creates a dual effect.
We simultaneously cut out bad things and added health-boosting superfoods. This dual effect was better than just going cold turkey and we saw big improvements as a result.

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All the health benefits, satifsying taste.

The Health Benefits

After 30 days...

Feel energised and be on the front foot each day. Be more productive at work and still have the energy to do the things you love to do!

Enjoy restful and restorative sleep. Improved sleep has been transformational and has so many positive effects for our lives.

When you feel healthy your daily mood lifts and becomes more positive. This has a big impact on your day-to-day happiness.

It's easy for our modern lives to cause a lot of stress. With better health, you'll be more resilient and see your stress levels go down.

The quality of what you consume has a large impact on the health of your gut. This in turn is interlinked with your body's other systems, so having them healthy and working in harmony is essential.

We all want to be on our A-game for work and our daily lives. But too often we are groggy, suffering with brain fog and feeling below our best. Imagine if you felt your best, most focused self every day.

Our body's defences need the support of healthy and high-quality nutritients to be strong. Nourish yourself with better fuel and be amazed by how strong and resilient your body can become.

How To Get Started With Replacement

It's tempting to get carried away and try and replace lots of things in your current daily routine. But this is the opposite of what you should do.
The best way to get started is with a couple of things that are easy to replace and have a big impact on your health.
This means it's highly achievable goal.
Once you succeed with that, you can build from there.

From our research, the two things that are best to start with are caffeine and processed sugar.

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Made in the UK with quality ingredients.

Why Reducing Caffeine & Processed Sugar Is Effective

From our research, replacing caffeine and processed sugar is relatively easy and provides a big improvement to your health in several ways. This makes it the perfect place to start.

1. Benefits of Reducing Caffeine
Caffeine is technically a drug which means it causes addiction. With so many caffeine options, it's easy to lead an over-caffeinated lifestyle. This can cause restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue and the well-known caffeine jitters and crashes.

2. Benefits of Reducing Processed Sugar
Processed sugar is chemically produced and used by manufacturers as an additive. It moves through your system faster than natural sugar and causes blood-sugar levels to spike.
It's incredibly common as processed sugar is found in snacks, sweets and desserts. Over-consumption has been linked to problems such as heart issues, inflammation and weight gain.

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All the health benefits, satifsying taste.

Your Turn - Try Replacement With A 30-Day Detox

We created an easier way to get started with your health improvement journey.
A way that answered all our struggles.

Simply follow along with a 30 day programme specially-designed to be easy, cost-effective and effective.
We've done all the research and hard work for you with the help from expert nutritionists.

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Made in the UK with quality ingredients.

Reduce Your Caffeine & Procesesed Sugar

Crafted with Colombian Arabica beans & the premium 'fruiting body' Lion's Mane extract, our blend is free from processed nasties. Every cup is packed with pure, active, energy-enhancing goodness. And it's made in the UK to ensure it's produced to the highest possible standards.

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Made in the UK with quality ingredients.

Replace With Great-Tasting Alternatives

If you have a kettle and a teaspoon, then you're all set.
Simply add a spoonful to your cup, pour in hot water, stir and top with your favourite plant milk or sweetener.

No gimmicks. No expensive equipment. No complicated instructions. Just a cup of pure goodness ready in one minute.

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No extra equipment needed.

Feel Healthier, Feel Better

Most other brands stuff their coffee into individual sachets, but not us. Our eco-friendly cardboard tubes are neat, convenient, and pop straight into the recycling bin.

Our smart packaging also means we can offer our Mushroom Coffee at a much better price for you.
Others charge £1.20 or even £1.50 per sachet.
Whereas ours costs just 57p per serving.

So by drinking our coffee you’ll be doing your bit for the planet while also saving money. Clean, green and a win-win for everyone!

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Half price or less compared to single-serve sachets

Dual Effect

It's designed to simultaneously reduce bad things in your diet and add good things . This dual effect of both makes it highly effective to get the results you're looking for.

Everything You Need

We send you a box containing everything you need for your 30 day programme. There's no guesswork or research needed. We've prepared it all for you, so you're ready to go!

One Plan From One Brand

Every product is made by us to ensure they work in harmony. They are designed to be used across your entire day from morning to night for maximum impact.

Hear from Real Customers

Here’s what people are saying after trying their Mushroom Coffee

Just wow!

This stuff is great, I've been really focused without the jitters. If you're like me and sensitive to too much coffee this might be for you as well.

My new morning routine

I can't drink coffee because it messes with my stomach and gives me a migraine. This doesn't give me indigestion like normal coffee and has a wonderful earthy flavour.

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