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Our raw, pure, and naturally sweet superfood honey is made with a special blend of three ingredients known for their superior health-boosting properties. There’s no artificial nasties or preservatives in our honey—and it’s 100% cruelty-free. We get our honey straight from a trusted network of English beekeepers, so it’s completely natural and no bees are harmed in the process.

Pure unprocessed goodness

No artificial sweeteners or preservatives

Direct from sustainable beekeepers

Added propolis and bee pollen

100% cruelty-free

Three Powerful Ingredients

Our Superfood Honey is made with a signature blend that contains three of nature’s powerful health-boosting ingredients. Usually, these ingredients are sold separately - but not anymore. We created a blend of these three superfood ingredients so it’s more convenient and cost-effective.

Discover our three super ingredients...

Raw honey comes from floral nectars and keeps you energised, avoiding those afternoon crashes. Our honey is a potent prebiotic which nourishes the good bacteria in your gut. These good bacteria are essential for a healthy digestive system. Our honey is also packed with antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage by harmful free radicals. It really is amazing stuff!

Propolis has natural antibacterial properties. It's been used for generations as a remedy for sore throats, inflammation and other health issues.

Bee pollen is packed with a variety of vitamins. If you prefer to get your daily vitamins from a natural source then look no further than bee pollen. It's nature's multivitamin!

Propolis Defends Against Bacteria

Propolis is a nutritional superhero. People have used propolis for its antibacterial properties that support the body's defences for thousands of years. Bees make this health-protecting ingredient from plant and tree resins to protect their hive from germs. It's a powerful and natural way to support your body’s defences and keep you in good health.

Bee Pollen Is Bursting Vitamins

Did you know? Bee pollen contains vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. It’s a natural cocktail of health and wellbeing. If you want an easy and natural way to get your daily dose of vitamins, look no further than a lip-smacking dollop of our Superfood Honey.

The Taste of Real Honey

Our pure English honey is raw, unpasteurised, and free from artificial preservatives so what you’re tasting is the real thing. No cheap, syrupy imitations here.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Our honey is 100% natural and packed with health-boosting properties. You can enjoy it as a daily sweet treat to help avoid junk food laden with processed sugars.

Sustainably Sourced From English Beekeepers

We avoid harmful practices often used by mass-produced honey, such as culling bees. We stand against unethical honey production.

Health Benefits of Superfood Honey

Our delicious blend contains three powerful health-boosting ingredients that come straight from the hive without even the faintest buzz of artificial sweeteners, fillers or preservatives.

Each jar of Superfood Honey contains…

Our honey is a potent natural prebiotic that nourishes the good bacteria in your intestines. This will help to keep your digestive system happy and healthy.

Our Superfood Honey is packed with antibacterial ingredients and antioxidants that protect you while supporting your body’s natural defences and immune system.

Our Superfood Honey blend is packed with natural vitamins including vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. A wealth of health in every spoonful.

Made With Love By English Beekeepers

The 'runny' honey you see on most supermarket shelves is processed and synthetic. It's stripped of nutrients and is usually nothing more than artificial sugar syrup. Although it doesn't taste or look like real honey, years of media conditioning have led us to believe that it is. Ours is different. Our honey is made with love and comes straight from trusted English beekeepers in its purest form, free from additives. The ingredients we use come from nature, not labs. Choose our Superfood Honey for a real taste that benefits you and the bees.

A Little Goes A Long Way…

By creating our very own superfood blend, we’ve packed in plenty of extra goodness. We’ve dialled up the level of propolis as well as bee pollen, so even a modest spoonful will flood your body with goodness. A little goes a long way, making every jar last that little bit longer.

Helping To Protect The Bees

Plus, 1% of every purchase goes towards training Kenyan beekeepers in sustainable honey production practices. Northern Kenya is one of the last places on the planet where honey bees are thriving—and by buying our Superfood Honey, you'll be supporting a program that will protect the bees and the environment. It’s a win-win.


Our Superfood Honey will help you stay energised throughout the day and keep you going in the afternoon. No more crashes. No more lulls.


You can enjoy our Superfood Honey with porridge, on toast, in a smoothie, as a natural sweetener for your morning tea or coffee, or straight down the hatch with one spoonful. Do it your way.


People have used raw honey for generations to remedy a sore throat when they have a cold or to boost their immune system. Our honey will comfort you and nurse you back to health when you need it most.


Got questions? We've got answers.

Sustainable beekeeping means we avoid questionable practices that are often used for mass-produced supermarket honey. These include culling less productive bees to boost yields and clipping the wings of the queen. Another exploitative practice is taking all of the bees' honey and giving them a cheap, synthetic syrup to live off instead. With sustainable beekeeping, we put effort and resources into the welfare of the bees. Crucially, we only take surplus honey and we ensure that the bees have plenty to thrive on, especially during the winter months.

Just as with other honey, there is no defined maximum for our Superfood Honey. Generally speaking, people enjoy a spoonful in the morning along with their breakfast or mixed into a warm tea. Others use it on toast, on top of yoghurt or in a smoothie as part of an afternoon snack. There are many uses to suit your daily schedule!

Our Superfood Honey tastes similar to other raw, unfiltered honey. If you're used only to supermarket 'runny' honey, then you will notice a larger difference. This is because the runny honey is almost entirely processed sugars. With our honey, there's the added natural flavour of the raw honey as well as the added amounts of bee pollen and propolis that alter the taste. But don't worry, it's still sweet and delicious and after a few days of adjustment you won't look back.

We offer a FREE tracked standard shipping services to all UK addresses. Even faster delivery is available for a small surcharge.

Once open, store in a cool dry place. A kitchen cupboard or drawer is perfect. If you keep it out in the open, watch out for the ants in summer. If one gets a taste of it they'll call in their friends for a feast!

Like other raw honey, ours has a greater propensity to crystallise. This is the natural way honey should be and it's a sign that the honey still contains all its natural goodness, rather than being processed and refined into a 'runny honey'. If you're mixing it into porridge, tea or a smoothie then you'll likely find it easier to spoon in and work with. If you need it to be runnier, then you can stand the jar in some warm water and it will flow better.

Yes our Superfood Honey is GMO-free.

We're pleased to say that it's cold extracted, course filtered and unpasteurised. We avoid fine filters to ensure the honey still contains its goodness as nature intended. As a result, the extra pollen and propolis mean that it can appear darker or slightly crystallised. Also, we don't blend the honey.
It's 100% natural, from the hive, to the jar, to your door.

We follow sustainable beekeeping practices. A big part of this means that we do not feed our bees synthetic sugar syrups. Instead, we ensure they have plenty of their own honey to be healthy and happy - when we remove honey it's only when there's a surplus. We also make sure the bees have more than enough for the winter months where the insulating properties of the honeycombs are crucial to their survival against the cold. When beekeepers remove this from them, large numbers of bees will suffer throughout the winter.

Our honey is raw meaning we don't filter out the goodness that naturally occurs in honey. We also add extra levels of pollen and propolis to increase the health-boosting ingredients. All this means that our honey is thicker compared to mass-produced 'runny honey'.

But don't worry. Take it as a good sign that its honey in its natural state rather than the cheaper, synthetic supermarket honey. These are often heavily processed and refined into sugary syrups.
If you need the honey to be runnier, you can simply stand the jar in some warm water and it will flow better.

We would love to have the organic certification, but unfortunately, as the bees are free to fly over 3 square miles from their hives, we can't provide 100% iron-clad proof of which flowers they have fed on. This quirk prevents us, and most UK-based producers, from being certified organic.
While organic honey is available, it's mostly imported from other countries such as Brazil.

We work with over 250 apiaries mainly located in the South-East of England.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicola Clark (Munich, Germany)

Used with lemon for a sore throat it definitely helped and tasted delicious too.

Marie (Manchester, United Kingdom)

arrived quickly. bought due to sustainability, first honey I have bought in 4 years

Kim A (Ashford, United Kingdom)

So glad I tried this honey, tastes so much better than my usual brand. Also costs less so win win.