How To Go Vegan - And Stick With It


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Have you tried eating vegan, only to slip back into your usual routine?

Lots of people try, inspired by the improvements for themselves, their family and the planet. But these good intentions are soon strained by temptations. After one too many guilty relapses, you resign yourself to failure.

Some love the idea, but do not even start. Whether it's to eat vegan every day or just part of the week, the thought of giving up so many foods you've eaten your entire life is too daunting. Sound familiar? Don't worry, you're not alone.

This happens to most people. In fact, it happened to us. This is why we set out to fix it. After countless hours of research and experimentation, we found a few key secrets that unlocked success. You can read them below.

Once we understood, we were able to turn the challenge on its head so that success became the most likely result.

First, let's show you those secrets.

Secret #1 - You Don't Miss Meat & Dairy. You Miss Tasty Food.

One of the biggest problems people face is missing the foods they remove when they switch to a vegan diet. Many people find meat, fish and dairy to be the tastiest parts of their ususal cooking. Once they leave them out, they can't help longing for them again. But this isn't quite right.

What we all want are satisfying meals that taste great . When you eat vegan meals that can hit the spot, then you'll feel content and those cravings will disappear. If you've ever eaten at a good vegan restaurant then you may know this to be true first-hand. After a delicious meal, you would have probably left saying "if every meal I had was that tasty, then I'd have no trouble giving up meat and dairy!". This is what we need to do. Satisfy our natural desire for tasty food, and your cravings will fade.

Secret #2 - You Can't Make Tasty Vegan Food With Your Usual Approach

Many vegan recipes have no hope of tasting good. This reinforces the myth that vegan food is bland. It's the recipe's fault though, not yours. Think about it. Almost all of your usual dishes have meat and dairy at the centre. That's where the flavour and texture that you love comes from. Whether it's a roast dinner, a casserole or a melted-cheese-laden lasagne, meat and dairy are the stars of the show. Vegetables just play a supporting role.

So it's no wonder that when you simply remove them and don't change your approach to cooking that the results are bland. They feel like something is missing...precisely because there is!

What's needed is a re-think. Building it back up with plant-based ingredients as the main stars. With a new approach to taste, texture, ingredients and techniques, you'll see a big difference.

It doesn't take much when you know how, but the effect is the difference between succeeding with your ambitions or sliding back into old habits.

Secret #3 - Sheer Willpower Alone Will Not Work

Habits are powerful. Don't work against them, work with them. We all prefer to do what's easy. This isn't a bad thing - it's just natural in all of us. Your willpower only lasts so long and when it's low, that's when you give in to temptation.

Let's dream for a moment - what if your fridge was always full of delicious vegan food, all prepared and ready to eat? That would then become the easiest choice and the one that would win out over going to the shops, buying ingredients and then cooking a meat-based dish.

If you have to battle temptation three times a day, every day, then you will eventually slip. The trick is to remove daily temptations. Instead, change your setup so when you make just one correct choice it lets you succeed for the entire week.

Applying This To Your Daily Life

Now we're getting somewhere. But how does this practcially apply to daily life? What are the exact things we can do?

We've done the hard work to translate these insights into specific instructions and put it all into an easy-to-follow-guide. It's all in there, so to succeed you just need to follow along.

By the end of the guide you will:

Be able to make vegan dishes that taste great.

Only have to cook once per week to cover your lunches & dinners.

While being affordable, with each meal costing just £1.50 on average.

Always have meals ready to eat within minutes from your fridge or freezer.

Which are healthy, balanced and packed with wholefoods & nutrients.

You may be thinking that this sounds great, but something this good surely requires expert cooking skills?

The great thing is that all of the above is designed with absolute beginners in mind. It's all be specifically curated to set you up for success. This means:

- No special equipment is needed
- Recipe ingredients are readily available at your supermarket
- Cooking techniques are suitable for beginners
- The recipes are designed to be easy, forgiving and flexible.

We'll show you below what we've created to teach you all this. But right now, let's give you a bit more detail on three important things that you must understand (and that you're probably wondering about already).

Only Cooking Once Per Week...Really?!

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But yes, it's not only possible but it's easy to achieve once you learn how it's done.

As mentioned, having a fridge and freezer stocked full of tasty vegan meals means eating vegan becomes your easiest option each day. This is key to sticking with your new diet in the long term. The way to do this is with batch cooking.

Batch Cooking To The Rescue

Cooking individual means introduces dozens of chances to slip up each week. With batch cooking, you only have to make one good decision per week and you're sored.

Also, you'll save a tonne of time! Washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, rummaging for pans and ingredients - it all adds up. By doing this only once per week, you'll save hours of work which you can use for better things.

Batch cooking means making several dishes at once. It's using your hobs and oven together in a smart way. Dead time in one recipe (for example, simmering for 15 minutes) is used to progress another dish.

The major downside is that recipes are only written individually and most of them can't be combined easily. Luckily, this is where our guide comes in as we've figured it out for you. The dishes we show you are organised into batches which fit together perfectly.

Everyone is different so you can adapt this to fit your needs. Most people cook enough food to last 5-6 days. Then they either cook a special meal from scratch, eat out or get a takeaway, or a have a cheat day. Once you understand the principles we'll teach you, then you can adjust the meal quantities to suit your household.

No Compromises. Healthy, Easy AND Tasty.

People find it daunting enough eating only vegan foods. But we haven't left it there. Every dish in our guide has to also be healthy, tasty and easy - otherwise it doesn't make the cut.

Once you apply these filters, a huge number of recipes in online blogs aren't suitable. Going through the trial and error of testing them all requires a good deal of time and money. And unfortunately, many free recipes online just will not give you a satisfying outcome, no matter how well you do them (we know from experience!). We went through the frustration and disappointment of doing them one by one so you don't have to.

That's why we provide a curated lineup of recipes that have passed our testing. It's the best of the best.

Getting The Guide

Everything we've spoken about has been packed into an online step-by-step guide complete with a library of video demonstrations.

It's everything you need, arranged into an easy-to-follow format.

You will get:

The complete step-by-step online guide.

The ability to download the guide as a PDF so you can read it offline on any device of your choosing.

A library of video demonstration lessons.

Shopping lists

Nutritional guides to cover common deficiencies when switching to a vegan diet.

Printable recipe sheets.

Important update: Due to COVID-19, the launch of the guide has been delayed until February 2021. However, you can preorder it today and get 50% off.

801 of 1,000 bought.

Why Isn't This Free?

There are plenty of free resources out there. Too many, perhaps. You are free to leave this page and use them instead, but in our experience they were not up to scratch. We tried them but never succeeding in achieving our goal of eating more vegan meals consistently.

Although our guide isn't free, here's how you will actaully save money

- By reducing meat, fish and dairy from your weekly shops, you'll amass savings very quickly. These are usually the most expensive items on your shopping receipt. In a matter of just one or two shopping trips you'll likely recoup the price of our guide.

- If you use any mealkit delivery services that have become popular recently, then you'll know how expensive they are. Rather than charging you each week like they do, we'll teach you how to do it so you have a skill for life. From then on, all you pay is for your own ingredients.

- We are collectively spending millions on takeaway apps. We all have those 'can't be bothered' moments where trudging to the shops and cooking a meal is the last thing we want to do. While takeaways are easy, the food often arrives a bit cold and just isn't satisfying - especially when you consider the price you paid. With the batch cooking method we'll teach you, your fridge and freezer will be packed with tasty meals so you can reach for one of those instead and save a small fortune in the process.

- If you follow some free online recipes, you'll often find yourself buying special kitchen equipment and ingredients. Often, the cooking gadgets gather dust and the exotic ingredients prove difficult to work with and go to waste. We can save you the cost of all this with our guide that takes out all the guesswork.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the value of our guide that we give you a 30-day 100% guarantee.

That means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact us within 30 days, fill in the appropriate form and receive your money back.

It means there's zero risk for you. So if you have even the slightest interest in our guide, with nothing to lose why not give it a go and see for yourself!

If you're still unsure about preordering now, you can still sign up to receive an email reminder when the guide is ready and released. Simply click here.

Added Bonuses Of Preordering Today

As well as the 50% discount, those who preorder will be given lifetime access to all future updates.

We have more video lessons, recipe sets, guides for cooking big special occasion meals and more. Usually, access to this extra content will cost more. But for the first 1,000 preorders, you'll have lifetime access to all upgraded content for free.

Once you checkout and place your preorder, you'll receive an email confirming that your preorder has been successful. Then we'll contact you via email in February when the guide is ready with instructions of how to access it. It's that simple!

Hurry, the bonus of lifetime access is only available for the first 1,000 preorders.

801 of 1,000 bought.

The Most Common Problems With Going Vegan (And How We've Solved Them)

Tap each one to see how we've tailored the guide to tick all the boxes.

We have gathered everything you need into an easy-to-follow online guide. You can also download it so you can access it offline and on any device. We've also made handy video demonstrations for you. Everything is designed with beginners in mind, so all you have to do is follow along.

We discovered that it was near-impossible to make tasty vegan meals without changing your approach. So much of the flavour and texture that you love comes from meat and dairy. They're the stars and vegetables are just supporting acts. So when you remove them, you're left with a bland dish. That's why you need a new approach that allows plants take centre stage and shine. Our guide shows you how that's done. You'll learn about taste, texture, techniques and ingredients in an easy step-by-step way.

We've solved this from multiple angles.
First, we recognise that you often don't miss meat and dairy - you miss tasty, satisfying food. So you'll learn how to make delicious vegan dishes.

Next, instead of cooking several times each day, we'll show you how to cook just once per week and have enough lunches and dinners ready to go within minutes in your fridge or freezer.

Lastly, we've worked hard to make these incredibly affordable. Each meal is just £1.50 on average, which is significantly cheaper than vegan meal delivery kits and waaay cheaper than takeout.

There's a huge amount of information online, and a lot of it isn't great. We've experienced the frustration and disappointment first-hand of trying free recipes only for them to turn out poorly. It's a big reason why we also struggled initially.

Our recipes are curated so you only get the best of the best. Each one has to be healthy, easy and tasty, otherwise we rule it out. The result is a simplified way forward where you just have to follow along in order to succeed.

Many free recipes include specialised equipment and ingredients that are not only confusing, but are expensive to go out and buy. That's why we've ensured that ingredients are available at your supermarket and every recipe is designed with beginners in mind, using what you've already got in your kitchen.

Recently there have been lots of meal delivery services popping up. While convenient, they are all very expensive to use regularly and most households won't realistically be able to afford to do so. Many find that the portions are too small as they look to cut costs. It can also be awkward to receive the deliveries and there is lots of bulky packaging to dispose of each time.

By contrast, our recipes produce meals that only cost £1.50 each on average and you can tailor the size and contents to your exact taste. By learning how to make it, you'll have skill for life rather than having to pay high prices each week for meal kits.

We've done all the hard work for you to curate all the information you need into a single guide. This saves a lot of your time and means just have to follow along. It's designed for beginners so you don't need special equipment or kitchen skills, making it a breeze.

This is a common concern. That's why we've done the research and put together a nutritional guide that highlights the most likely areas of deficiency and how to take care of it.

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