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Our 3-step approach contains everything to transform your focus & productivity. Improve concentration, cognition and mental performance. Enjoy a sustainable boost to energy levels and a creative flow state without the jitters or dreaded afternoon crashes. All made with natural ingredients so you can feel your best every day.

Dramatically boost your energy levels

Transform focus & productivity

Unlock your creativity

Reduce tiredness

Enhance your sleep quality

Improve your mood

Feel like your best self every day

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Why It Works

It's effective because it improves focus & productivity from 3 angles.

1. Superfoods That Boost Focus & Cognition
Nourish yourself during the day with natural superfoods that improve focus. Lion's Mane Mushroom & L-theanine extracts boosts mental concentration & focus while our Omega-3 softgels support your cognitive brain function.

2. Better Sleep
Give your body & mind the quality sleep it needs to revitalise. Sleep is one of the most powerful ways to recharge your energy so you can enjoy hours of focus and get into that productive flow state. Yet many of us become used to poor sleep and suffer brain fog all day.

3. Eliminate Tiredness
Reduce your dependency on caffeine. It causes those afternoon crashes that ruin your productivity and also harms your sleep, leaving you exhausted in the morning before the day's even begun.

Health Benefits of Our Superfoods

Better Sleep To Rest & Recover

Feel Your Best

Improved Mood & Focus

Supercharged Energy Levels


Three products designed to work together and unlock your best focus & productivity.

1. Mushroom Coffee

Our superfood-infused alternative to regular coffee provides a stable boost to focus, energy and cognitive function. It has less caffeine and instead contains Lion’s Mane mushroom extract and L-theanine for a sustainable lift without those coffee jitters or digestive problems.

How to Use

Simply add a teaspoon of Mushroom Coffee into your cup, pour over hot water, stir and top with your preferred milk or sweetener.

  • Easy to prepare - no special equipment needed
  • Tastes like a delicious premium coffee (not mushrooms!)
  • Your secret weapon for an energy-filled & productive day.
  • Unlock your best, most productive self
  • Contains 44 servings

2. SLEEP + REST Capsules

This supplement has been specially formulated with ten ingredients to support a calm, restorative sleep. Rest peacefully at night and feel more energised & productive during your day.

How to Use

Simply take two capsules with water 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

  • 10 sleep-supporting ingredients in 1 capsule!
  • Reduces interrupted waking
  • Eases stress & anxiety
  • Contains 30 servings
  • Feel more energised during the day

3. Algae Omega-3 Capsules Free Gift Worth £31.96!

These clever capsules are packed full of 100% vegan Omega-3 that supports your brain function and the maintenance of healthy eyes & vision. Both are crucial for having productive days, particularly if you work at a computer. They're made from algae grown in purified water, so no fish here! They're 100% plant-based and kind to our environment.

How to Use

Simply take 1-2 softgels per day with water, preferably with a meal.

  • Omega-3 DHA is vital for brain health and development.
  • Omega-3 DHA supports the maintenance of healthy eyes & vision.
  • Free from artificial colours and or preservatives
  • Made in the UK
  • Free from toxins and heavy metals
  • Contains 30 capsules per pouch

Focus Superfood Stack
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Why It's Different

We've gone the extra mile which means our Focus Superfood Stack is different to anything else out there.

Special Ways It Supports Your Health

If you cobble together different products from different brands then, aside from the extra effort, it's hard to know whether they will be any problems by taking them together. With us, we've researched & designed everything to work wonderfully in harmony.

Healthy products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are capsules, powders & liquids to name just a few. Each has its pros and cons. The trouble is that most companies only make one type so you are always limited. But with us, we put in the extra effort. Our Focus Superfood Stack has three products in three different forms to maximise coverage and effectiveness!

Most products out there only focus on a single moment of your day. That's a good start, but what about the rest of the day?! That's why when we created our Superfood Stack that boosts your energy levels throughout the day and from three different angles.

Added Bonuses

Healthy products often taste awful, making them very tough and unpleasant to keep going with. Fed up with this, we've ensured that whenever taste is involved, ours are not only healthy but delicious too. This way, they won't be something to merely tolerate, but highlights throughout your day you can look forward to.

Many products on offer (especially the cheap ones) have a secret they usually try to hide from you. While the label and branding may appear British, the small print often reveals that it's actually made cheaply overseas.
With our Focus Superfood Stack, all three products are made with love right here in the UK using quality ingredients. This ensures we can provide you with products that are safe, high quality and great for your health.

Getting started couldn't be easier and doesn't require any extra equipment. While other health products need you to buy expensive blenders or other gadgets, ours are ready to go with simple, everyday items that are already in your kitchen.


Made To Be Better



Got questions? We've got answers.

We're pleased to say that shipping for all Superfood Stacks is FREE. We deliver to any address in the UK and send your order via a tracked service to ensure it gets to you safely in 2-4 working days.

We've created a guideline that suits most people who have a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner routine.
However, the products can be taken at whatever time that best suits you - apart from the SLEEP + REST capsules which should be taken 30-60 minutes before bed.
Apart from that one, if you have a different schedule feel free to mix and match the timings to suit you.

Once open, store them in a cool dry place that avoids direct sunlight.

Some people feel benefits within a few days whereas others take a few weeks. Every person is different so we recommend completing 30 days to see if this is right for you. If you stick with it and keep other aspects of your lifestyle approximately constant then you should enjoy the benefits and see improvements!

Unlike the other products we offer our coffee is harder to quantify because people consume different amounts according to their usual routines.
To cater for more people, we've included extra servings of this product so you have more there if you need it. Plus, it's always nice to get a bit extra!