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Our gummies provide all the benefits of apple cider vinegar but with a delicious taste that you'll love. They are formulated to improve gut health, prevent cravings and leave you feeling fuller for longer. No more guilt over snacking struggles - now you can reach your health goals with a healthier alternative that you can actually look forward to eating.

Made with love in the UK

Just 36 calories per serving

Boosts gut health

Helps to curb food cravings

No artificial flavourings

100% vegan friendly

Boosts energy levels

Powerful Nutrients
Great Taste

These delicious little gummies offer all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the bitter taste. Our naturally tasty Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies have been carefully formulated in the UK with the very best gut-boosting ingredients. Packed with properties that enhance metabolism, promote gut health, reduce tiredness, and tackle snack cravings between meals head on. It’s time to start reaching your health goals today, the gummy way.

Discover our health-boosting ingredients...

Apple cider vinegar makes you feel fuller for longer while reducing your appetite and dampening food cravings. This means you can improve your gut health & aid digestion while eating fewer calories, reaching your health goals in the process.

Vitamin B12 helps to stabilise your metabolism, contributes to better nervous and cognitive function, boosts the immune system and reduces tiredness. All the properties you need to improve your wellbeing.

Pomegranate is good for you and tastes delicious. It’s pomegranate that contributes to our gummie’s incredible taste and red colour.

This is a naturally occurring starch found in fruit and vegetables. Pectin gives our gummies that satisfying spongy sweet-like texture. Unlike other brands we don’t use gelatin (which is made from pigs or cows). Our gummies are 100% vegan all the way.

Beetroot is a wonderfully natural ingredient that helps give our gummies their unique and satisfying taste.

Made in the UK With Quality ingredients

When we don’t know where things are made, how do we know that the quality is good? There are plenty of cheap apple cider vinegar alternatives out there - but most are made in low-cost countries overseas.

Ours are made right here in the UK. They’re 100% vegan and formulated with health-enhancing quality ingredients that are good for you and can help you get in great shape. No nasties or chemicals. Goodness guaranteed.

Carefully crafted for a great taste

Our specially-selected ingredients will help you get healthier and give our gummies an irresistible flavour. They’re sweet and satisfying in equal measures.

Reduces snacking between meals

Apple cider vinegar helps to regulate your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer. No more cravings between meals.

Supports your dieting efforts

Packed with the gut-boosting qualities of apple cider vinegar, our gummies will support your dieting efforts and healthy lifestyle.

Added Vitamin B12 For Plant-Based Diets

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient. We need it to stay happy and healthy—but our bodies don’t produce it. You have to ingest it. B12 is usually found in meat and dairy products, so if your diet is plant-based, you’re more susceptible to deficiency.

The good news is our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies provide 96% of your daily requirement, making maintaining healthy vitamin B12 levels simple and satisfying. Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue and hello to a brighter, more energetic new you.

Planet-friendly packaging

We all want to make sustainable choices, but doing so can be tricky. So, we've made it simple. Our 100% compostable pouch is reusable and also fits neatly in the recycling bin ready for local collection should you need to dispose of it. We also offer an optional reusable, eco-friendly tin that will look great on your desk, shelf or bedside table. Getting in shape just got greener.

Protecting UK Wildlife

Every time you buy our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, 1% of your purchase will go towards reintroducing extinct native bees to Britain. Bees are pollinators and are essential to growing many crops, including apples. They also keep local habitats healthy and harmonious. This pivotal project has seen native bees return to areas where they’ve been extinct for 25 years, creating thriving environments and protecting the planet in the process. So by having apple cider vinegar gummies, you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

Quality Ingredients

Our gummies are free from artificial colours and or preservatives. Unlike other brands, they're made right here in the UK using quality apple cider vinegar from the mother.

100% vegan & free from heavy metals

Made with pure, natural ingredients, our apple cider vinegar gummies are free from unwanted nasties, heavy metals or animal products. That means they’re safe, healthy, and 100% vegan.

Packed with flavour

Our gummies don’t taste like vinegar. Our perfect blend of natural ingredients makes our gummies taste sweet, delicious, and satisfying. You will look forward to eating them each day!


Got questions? We've got answers.

Our Apple Cider Vinegar gummies are made right here in the UK. This ensures they're made to high quality and safety standards. Other brands on the market are often made overseas where production is cheaper. But the quality can be lacking and the flavours are usually tailored to the American market which uses more sugar. Ours are tailored to British tastes!

Our general guideline is to have two gummies per day. People often have them in the morning to kickstart their day or mid-afternoon to keep energy levels up between meals.

We've put a lot of effort into this and have placed sustainability at the heart of our packaging development. As such, the pouch is home-compostable and we offer a reusable display tin which helps to reduce single-use packaging.

We offer a FREE tracked standard shipping services to all UK addresses. Even faster delivery is available for a surcharge.

You can keep your gummies in the pouch or use the optional reusable tin. Please keep them in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Our gummies are dairy-free, gluten-free, 100% vegan and do not contain artificial preservatives or colours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ben G (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
A very satisfied, returning customer.

Healthy Yeti’s products are just fantastic. The vegan omega 3 capsules have become a supplement staple (also great for non-vegans - none of that rancid fish oil found in so many other omega 3 capsules!). This time I also ordered the apple cider gummies too as something to help with evening snack cravings, and they really do work! A very happy customer - thank you!

Jessica Harrison (Bedford, United Kingdom)
Yummy Gummies

Everybody in my house loves these apple cider vinegar gummies. Easy to chew and very tasty.
You won't be disappointed:)

James de Souza (Wallington, United Kingdom)
Cider Vinegar Gummys

Amazing product and prompt delivery! Will definitely buy again