Superfoods That Transform Your Focus & Productivity

Reduce caffeine and nourish your body with natural superfoods that supercharge cognitive focus, concentration and productivity.
Feel your best every day.

  • Improve your focus & creativity, get into that flow state and unlock your best self

  • Enhance your sleep quality and boost your energy and mood

  • Reduce your caffeine intake to eliminate afternoon crashes, tiredness and poor sleep

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Struggling To Stay Focused?

Many of us suffer from a lack of focus and low energy. Getting up feeling groggy then taking on busy schedules while struggling to balance work, family and responsibilities. This feeling of low productivity can be demoralising.

It's not surprising that we reach for caffeine, sugary treats or processed fast foods in the hope of a pick-me-up. But these only provide a short-term hit and often contribute to longer-term sleep & health issues.

Common issues include:
- brain fog
- mid-day fatigue
- jitters and caffeine crashes
- restlessness at night
- lack of focus & productivity
- irritability
- negative mood, anxiety and low motivation
- chronic procrastination

Superfoods That ACTUALLY Work

If you consistently consume high quality nutrients, wonderful things can happen. Substituting in Superfoods gives your body what it needs to experience high cognitive performance. Finding them can be tricky, but we've made it easy.

We've created a powerful stack of 3 Superfood products that you can take throughout your day, designed specifically to improve your focus and productivity.

Our Focus Superfood Stack is for people who:

  • Struggle to stay focused especially during long work days

  • Are disappointed with their productivity on a regular basis

  • Have demanding jobs where high mental productivity is required

  • Rely on regular coffee or energy drinks that cause spikes and crashes in energy

  • Have young children and often feel tired & unproductive

  • Suffer mid-afternoon crashes

  • Lack motivation and suffer procrastination

  • Are fed up with low-quality energy drinks with lots of additives

  • Want a high-quality natural solution without any nasty side effects

Does this sound like you?
If so, then read on.

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Transform your focus with superfoods

What To Expect In 30 Days

After consistently taking our Superfoods for just 30 days you should expect to feel energetic and more focused & productive during the day.

There should be a reduction in afternoon crashes and jitters that you get with regular coffee.
Your sleep quality should improve which will provide a clearer mind, better mood and more energy.

How It Works

We'll send you a 30 or 60 day supply of all 3 of our focus-boosting Superfood products. They're designed specifically to work in harmony and improve your mental cognition and concentration.

They're effective because you use them at different points throughout your day and they provide improvements from 3 different angles.

People Are Raving About It

Here’s what people are saying after trying our Focus Superfood Stack

Goodbye procrastination

Procrastination, lack of focus and exhaustion have been my best friend for years. I was considering more expensive options on the market but decided to give these a shot. Yesterday was the most productive day I had in months where I was focused and my mind didn't wander like usual. And in the evening, I still had the energy to spend quality time with the kids..amazing! Pretty good results I'd say :)

- Victoria M.

Verified Customer

Never going back to normal coffee again

I used to feel up and down a lot and didn't appreciate the effect my caffeine was having on me until now. Since switching I've found I'm sleeping better and I'm more energised in the day. Less headaches too! The products are all nice and tastes and smells great and satisfies the cravings I get for coffee.

- Anna P.

Verified Customer

Loved By Experts

- Ed Griffiths, Fitness coach and vegan wellness expert

"I kid you not, the results I've had since taking these products have been incredible. I feel well-rested and my energy is through the roof!"

100% Vegan

No additives or animal products. Made only from the best energy-boosting ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Free From Allergens

Free from gluten, dairy, soy and lactose.


Made from pure ingredients. No GMO. No side effects. Just energy-powering goodness.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

We're pleased to say that shipping for all Superfood Stacks is FREE. We deliver to any address in the UK and send your order via a tracked service to ensure it gets to you safely in 2-4 working days.

We've created a guideline that suits most people who have a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner routine.
However, the products can be taken at whatever time that best suits you - apart from the SLEEP + REST capsules which should be taken 30-60 minutes before bed.
Apart from that one, if you have a different schedule feel free to mix and match the timings to suit you.

Once open, store them in a cool dry place that avoids direct sunlight.